Full Vasisthasana is like striking that perfect balance between work and play. The celebratory aspect describes me perfectly as well. I am also looking to find the good, to find the joy, and to turn my face over and over again towards the light.

How did yoga find you? Yoga found me as a confused dance major at NYU, way back in 1994. Dancing by day, partying and tending bar by night, I stumbled into the purple incense-filled room of the original Jivamukti Yoga Center in the East Village, and the rest is history.

Who are your teachers / influencers? Too many to name but most influential were definitely my teachers at Jivamukti Yoga Center and then Genny Kapuler, Lara Warren, and Kevin Gardiner in the Iyengar tradition, Dharma Mittra (in his own tradition!), Richard Freeman and Tim Miller in the Ashtanga tradition, and Todd Norian, the founder of Ashaya Yoga.

Explain your teaching style in three words. Breath, alignment, transformation.

If you were a yoga pose, what pose would you be and why? Full Vasisthasana (side plank where you hold the foot or big toe and extend the leg in the air). This pose to me feels like a celebration, but first, you have to find the balance on one foot and one hand and find the strength from which to extend the top leg and open the heart. I am a worker bee but I also love to PLAY. This pose is like striking that perfect balance between the two. The celebratory aspect describes me perfectly as well. I am also looking to find the good, to find the joy, and to turn my face over and over again towards the light.

What’s your favorite song to flow to? I am old school. Anything by Bob Marley.

Where would we find you on a Saturday night? Hanging with my three-year-old and boyfriend, cooking dinner at home and listening to music (my older two want nothing to do with me anymore and are off with their friends). If it’s summertime, either in the ocean for a sunset surf or leading a moonlight paddle!

What’s your favorite word that starts with the letter B? Bella, as in Ciao Bella and Bellofatto!!!

If your best friend were to write a book about you, what would it be called? The Yogi Rebel.

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? A dancer, a fashion designer, an interior decorator, and a midwife!

What’s your favorite thing to do in the water? ANYTHING. But #1 would be paddleboard yoga, followed by surfing, paddling in the ocean, open water swimming, and finally, simply splashing around.

What are your thoughts on rosé? I am a red wine drinker (and a fairly snobby one at that), but like any good “Hamptonite,” I love my rosé in the summertime for sure.

Aside from teaching yoga at our Hive, what drew you to Montauk and what do you love most about the East End?
Aside from teaching Yoga at the Hive, what draws me to Montauk is, of course, the SURF!!!!!! Aside from that, I have been in love with Montauk since I was a child and we used to make day trips there from points west (Brooklyn, where I was born, or Mastic Beach where I grew up)… I love everything about Montauk — the lighthouse, the cliffs, and the mellow beach vibe that is really so different from neighboring villages. Driving along Old Montauk Highway and getting glimpses of the ocean as I head out to surf, the rising sun blinding me on a dawn patrol mission, the crew of old-timers that hang out on the bench in the Ditch Witch parking lot, Hither Hills, Navy Road, and taking my kids to Rita’s Stables to visit the animals and ride a pony — Montauk is magic to me, and one of the most special places on earth.

Why do you think yoga is an essential part of our Montauk / Hamptons community?
Yoga is such an essential part of the Montauk and Hamptons community because people get it. They understand that the yoga practice is such a beautiful and perfect complement to anything else they may do, whether it be surfing, stand up paddleboarding, racing in triathlons, etc. There is such an active and vibrant athletic community out here and they definitely see the value in the yoga practice for the physical benefits. And, of course, once they start, they see how much deeper it goes as well.